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The Lodge

One of the prettiest and most pleasant of the area. It is made up of 7 comfortable new cabins, all equipped with balconies and nice view of the Baker River (3 kilometers from Puerto Beltran to Cochrane).

All cabins with nice view to the Baker river and direct access to it and also equipped with:

  • Living room, dining room.
  • Fully Equipped kitchen (gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, full whiteware) the furniture is all made out of Rauli, native red Chilean wood.
  • WI-FI, satellite dish, 220Volts alternating power, bathrooms with showers and hot water, gas heaters, all furniture is made out of Rauli, native red Chilean wood.
  • Reception is equipped with telephone, satellite fax and Internet.
  • Lodge total capacity: 46 people