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“A piece of paradise” We opted for a three bedroomed cabin simply because it had a fireplace and the view to the river was perfect. We spent two nights there and being the end of the season we were the only people there beside the owner and his wife. The meals were tasty and the staff were more than accommodating. We decided to enjoy the hot tub which overlooks the beautiful river with the snow capped mountains in the background. It was wonderful. It took one poor fellow the whole day to heat the water but it was perfect.

Juliette, 144, el 2014-04-23

“Best river lodge” Green baker lodge has excellent roomy cabins on a property that is alongside the one of the most scenic glacier fed rivers in chile. The dining in this restaurant is clearly the highlight. Authentic south american dishes were one of the highlights of our trip. I was on a cross country motorcycle ride and we stayed here during shoulder season and not part of a trout fishing trip. Highly recommend.

Joe K, 286, el 2014-04-19

“Beautiful location beside the stunning Rio Baker” We had a great cabin overlooking the river which is incredible. The rooms were pleasant and clean. The activities were all very expensive so didnt do any although we had planned to before we arrived. The main thing here is the location with such an incredible stretch of river.

Ditta McPlaine, 24, el 2014-04-04

“Could have lived there!” We traveled there as part of a multi-day guided tour with my in-laws (BTW- Ruth's Salvaje Corazon tour service is incredible- request Andres as your bilingual guide, especially if you like to fly fish). This place has it all. Clean, comfortable rooms (hairdryer a plus) set along the gorgeous Baker River. You can literally see the Rainbows in the crystal blue water. The location and surrounding area is spectacular. The staff is very attentive. The restaurant is good. The manager is bilingual and seems excited to have you share his family's property. We all had an amazing two nights there!

Jill Manson, 72, el 2013-11-28

“Location, food, service - all 5 stars” No booking, road trip, checking availability at the counter. We stayed one night (full the next day) in the small hotel. Excellent and comfortable rooms, very good restaurant, peaceful location. Definitely a place to stay longer and enjoy the outdoors, I am not a big fan of fishing and the place seems to a meca for fly-fishing, still we enjoyed this place very much.

Aeriu Neirie, 26, el 2013-11-27

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