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Mountain bike Patagonia Park


Be ready to enjoy one of the most mountain bike tracks in Patagonia ...

  • DURATION: Full day (7 to 8 Hrs)
  • DEPARTURES: September to June, depending on weather conditions.
  • DIFFICULTY:  Medium/Easy



  • Specialized professional guide.
  • Accident insurance (detail and policy in Reception).
  • Box lunch and Snack on the way back.
  • Transport in 4x4 vehicles.
  • First aid kit in charge of the on-site guide.



  • Breakfast and dinner after the arrival to GBL are not included. Those services are additional to the activity.
  • Accommodation in GBL the night before the activity and the night of the arrival of the activity are not included.
  • Transfers from the hotel or airport are not included.

SUGGESTIONS: Cold weather clothes according to the activity, sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent, small backpack to carry some food and water.

Entrada Baker is a solitary border pass between Chile and Argentina, located on the eastern end of Valle Chacabuco, in the southern region of Aisen. This area was formerly inhabited by Tehuelche Indians to be later used as a pass by the first settlers when entering the region and establishing themselves along the Baker River 
On the Argentinean side the pass is called Paso Roballos, and is today the southernmost link between the Austral Route and Route 40 in Argentina, connecting both territories and the most spectacular tourist destinations for active travelers in this area.

Departure from GBL in a 4x4 vehicle towards south by the Austral Road (Carretera Austral). After 9 km, we will find the first stop of our route, La Confluencia, this is the confluence between the Baker river and the Nef river. This last one has its source in the North Ice Fields and it is one the main affluents of the Baker river, together with the rivers: Chacabuco, Cochrane, Del Salto, Colonia, Los Ñadis, Ventisquero, and Vargas. In the confluence area, we will walk along a path surrounded by a native forest of lenga and ñirre trees. This path leads us to the Baker River and to the natural viewpoint of La Confluencia and El Salto (a waterfall just before the Baker river meets the Nef river). The walk lasts approx. 10 minutes and it is mostly flat.

After we marvel at this scenic landscape in “La Confluencia”, we will return in 4x4 vehicles to the Valle Chacabuco Ranch, a private park only half hour from there. Once inside the park we´ll take our bikes and enjoy this amazing trip. Inside the Valle Chacabuco Ranch, we will go into the wild several times, to look for the best postcard, image or memory of this spectacular place. It should be mentioned that the Ranch has a surface of 78,000 hectares and in the near future it is planned to connect the national reserve of Tamango with the national reserve of Lago Jeinimeni, both administrated by CONAF, in order to create the Patagonia  National Park (with a surface of approximately 250,000 hectares of protected wild area).

The Valle Chacabuco Ranch has the greatest biodiversity on land, which includes an important surface of Patagonian Steppe of the Aysen region. It is also the natural habitat of endangered species, such as the South Andean Deer (or Chilean Huemul) and the Southern Viscacha. Both of these animals will be our target with the game-drive, together with guanacos, flamingos, upland gooses, several swan and duck species, condors, woodpeckers, rheas, armadillos, skunks, and pumas. And we will appreciate all this, immersed in the amazing scenic beauty and flora of this magical place. During the Game-Drive, we will enjoy a delicious box lunch. On the way back to GBL and before we arrive, we will look for a nice place to stop for a snack and to take the lasts pictures.

End of our services.