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Kayak Excursion to Marble Chapels


Departure from the Lodge towards north in our 4x4 vehicles. During one hour we will border beautiful places along the route until we reach the Nature Sanctuary, where we will prepare our activity by providing and arranging the safety equipment (life jackets, clothes, skirts and paddles) and we will also prepare and get the kayaks ready.

After this, in a small and very quiet cove (depending on the lake condition) we will have a short instruction about how to paddle and handle a kayak, and then we will begin our trip towards the Chapel and the Marble Cathedral, located 30 minutes from our starting point. Here we will paddle inside the caves and be able to appreciate “in depth” these beautiful natural formations.

These marble formations are in the “Marble Chapel”, surrounded by the waters of General Carrera lake (Chelenko in Tehuelche language). It is the largest lake in Chile with 978.12 km2 surface, 200 km long, 350m of altitude, and 590m of maximum depth. As its name declares, its main characteristics are the marble outcrops along a seaside of 300m long. The water of the General Carrera lake has hit the marble, creating cavities and marble caves, which have generated a unit of great beauty. The rock presents different color shades, depending on its impurities content, although the white banks, of great purity, are predominant. It is also possible to find blue and pink marble banks due to the presence of other minerals.

Before coming into “port”, we will have a small snack on a beautiful nearby beach. Afterwards we will go back to our kayaks and we will come into “port”, we will pack the equipment and we will return to GBL.

End of our services.

DURATION: 8 hours approximately

DEPARTURES: From September2010 to June 2011.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate-easy

SCHEDULES: Defined with the clients.  We recommend in the morning.


  • Specialized professional guide and backup of Local Boat Guide from the home base.
  • Accident insurance (detail and policy in Reception).
  • Snack on a beach near the Marble Chapel.
  • Transport in kayak and 4x4 vehicles.
  • First aid kit in charge of the on-site guide.
  • Personal safety equipment: kayak, paddles, safety lines, skirts, and life jackets for water activities.


  • Breakfast and dinner after the arrival to GBL are not included. Those services are additional to the activity.
  • Accommodation in GBL the night before the activity and the night of the arrival of the activity are not included.
  • Transfer from the hotel or airport are not included.

SUGGESTIONS: Cold weather clothes according to the activity, gloves, cold weather hat, daypack, trekking shoes, clothes and shoes that can get wet, towel,  sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.