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The area where the Green Baker Lodge is located is widely known for its famous Baker and Cochrane Rivers that carry their unique crystal-clear waters and a generous population of very active trout.  Near the Lodge, the Baker River offers over 10 kilometers full of fishing spots you can access only by boat.

This area is mostly populated with Rainbow trout and Brown trout. The latter preferably found at the river's birthplace, near Lake Bertrand.

50 kilometers to the South is the Cochrane River, revered by anglers who had the chance to visit it. Its deep waters are unusually crystal-clear, and the scenery seems to be captured from a dream. The Cochrane trout are a true challenge, with sizes ranging between 25 to 35 inches.

They are very a very discerning kind of trout and powerful too. It is a very technical fishing, to be performed with small nymphs, floating lines, and very long leaders. If you are the kind of angler who enjoys trophy fishing, this river can be your chance to take back home that picture you have always dream of.

In both the Baker and the Cochrane, fishing is performed by wading. The upper Baker area has also a number of alternative spots such as creeks, lakes and ponds.

Fishing Calendar
Early spring (October)
This season, kick off month is very productive. After a long spawning period, trout start to feed actively, and are massively concentrated in the upper sections of the rivers, where their spawning waters are located. These rivers are at their lowest level, making it easier to visually identify the fish, making possible the enjoyable practice of stalking and sight casting. Water temperatures are still low, with hatches growing strongly into the warmer months of the season.  Weather is still cold, with sporadic rain and drizzle. This is the best time to fish!

Late spring-Early summer (November-December)
Water temperatures begin to rise, with a strong build-up in insect activity both in water and air. Trout continue to increase their feeding frenzy while still concentrated in the upper sections of the rivers. These two months are the most demanded fishing period of the season by our frequent guests.
The water levels are still low and caddis hatches are frequent during this longer daylight period, allowing excellent fishing until 9 p.m. and later.

Mid-summer (January-February)
Weather-wise this is the best period to visit southern Patagonia, with sunnier, warmer, and brighter days. The climate is at its warmest, rivers have raised their water levels, and the water temperature has increased to between 57º and 61º Fahrenheit). Warmer weather improves the quantity and variety of entomological activity, adding to the traditional caddis and mayflies: ants, grasshoppers and other terrestrial insects.
The rich diversity and magnitude in food availability is the key to trout's strength and fierceness, making captures occasionally challenging in accordance to the anglers' skills. The feel of a rod carrying a 30-plus inch trout while in fact there is a 20-plus at the end of the line is not uncommon under these conditions.

Late summer and fall (March-April)
These are colder months, while the water temperature does not change substantially. The fish are still very strong and the insect's activity begins to slow down but still fills the waters and air. This is one of the best times for trophy fishing in the Baker River. Big trout are found in the prime lies, and hatches are less frequent, usually during the sundown hours.
Evening and dusk hatches become very interesting, mainly when casting at big trout rising to the surface for caddies and mayflies.
Days get shorter and the best fishing hours are during the early morning hours, noon, and sunset, around 8 p.m. The size and quality of the fishing is superior, allowing for some of the largest captures of the season, in an exciting and challenging environment.
This is the second best time to fish!

Accessing Fishing Areas:
Our Lodge has two 4WD double cabin trucks, perfectly fit for the transportation of both guests and boats to the selected fishing spots. Our vehicles are also used for passenger transportation between the airport of arrival and the Lodge.

We also have three different types of boats all of them with outboard motor boats, very appropriate for lake and river navigation. They are specially equipped for a safe and comfortable fishing day.

Catch & Release
Fishing at Green Baker Lodge is strictly catch & release.

All information necessary to obtain your license will be taken from your UPLAND